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About 2 Point Rig

Our option gives all the scope of movement of the 2 point bridle but has a different reeving solution. It allows the up and down function to work without any of the bridle lines coming into contact with any obstacles. You can also add an extra winch line onto the rig to reduce the pendulum on the up and down movement if its important the camera doesn’t swing or you need to stop in front of an object (like a wall).

How big/how small – Perfect for big outdoor swoops when the V Rig lines might get in the way. It also helps when trim height is an issue.

How does it move – you can fly live with the joysticks, copy live paths or enter in a planned move. Everything is repeatable

2 Point Rig Facts

  • Maximum space – 175m long x 80m height
  • Speed – 12m/s
  • Power (3 phase with variable RCD) – 2 x 32amps allow 3 x 32amps for anti sway line (for increased acceleration allow 2 x 63amps)
  • Winch footprint – 2.2m x 1m
  • Control position – 2m x 1m

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