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About 4 Point Rig

This fly’s the camera in 3D space (x,y,z), up, down, forwards back and in any curved path you can think of. This is ideal for stadium; arena and sports field projects as well as numerous applications for features.

How big/how small – with our four-point rig you can easily cover an entire soccer stadium, football stadium, cricket pitch, rugby pitch and more. Although you can cover big spaces with the rig you need to know that the equipment we use is compact. You can just as easily fit this into a TV studio or theatre. The winches have a function known as zero fleet, which pretty much no other wire cam company has. This allows you to fit the winches into a small space, right next to the pulleys. It also makes sitting the winches on truss for the rigging crew to fly out straightforward.

How does it move – the software we use allows us to live fly the camera with joysticks anywhere we want in the 3D space. We can also record and remember flight paths the director likes and accurately repeat these again and again. The speed, timing and position of these repeatable paths can also be manipulated. If you like the move we can run it slower or faster, pause during the path, then go when you need us to or shift the whole path around. Or run the same path put have live control of the speed to keep up with live action.

4 Point Rig Facts

  • Maximum space – 150m x 150m
  • Speed – 12m/s
  • Power (3 phase with variable RCD) – 4 x 32amps (for increased acceleration allow 4 x 63amps)
  • Winch footprint – 2.2m x 1m
  • Control position – 2m x 1.2m for Mini Libra and WireCam controls

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