Wirecam – Descender/Ascender Rigs

About Descender/Ascender Rigs

Straight up and straight down. Unlike the variations of the point to point rig this rig works only in a vertical plane and does not use catenaries as guides. Quick and easy to install.

How big/how small – These rigs can either work with two lines or a single line going to an equalizer. They can be used indoors and outdoors. The max height is 170m.

How does it move – you can run this system with live control via a joystick to keep up with any live action or run a repeatable move again and again.

Descender/Ascender Rigs Facts

  • Maximum space – 175m long
  • Speed – 15m/s
  • Power (3 phase with variable RCD) – 1 x 63amps
  • Winch footprint – 2.2m x 1m
  • Control position – 2m x 1m

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