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About Point to Point

If you know that you just want to fly the camera in a straight line this is the rig you need. The rig can be installed indoors or outdoors. Ideal for chase sequences, sport events, and high level tracking shots.

How big/how small – You can have a horizontal line or angled line. It gives you one axis of movement. We can cover a distance of 600ft max with our current system, or we can set up to cover 60ft if that’s what you need. The camera dolly travels along two high lines (or catenaries). These can be rigged easily and quickly from towers (that we can supply), grids/house beams, telescopic forklifts or cranes.

How does it move – you can run this system with live control via a joystick to keep up with any live action or run a repeatable move again and again.

Point to Point Facts

  • Maximum space – 175m long
  • Speed – 15m/s
  • Power (3 phase with variable RCD) – 1 x 63amps
  • Winch footprint – 2.2m x 1m
  • Control position – 2m x 1m
  • Required services from production

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