Wirecam – V Rig

About V Rig

The V Rig flies the camera in 2D space. You can go forwards, backwards, up and down and in a curve but only in a vertical plane. The V Rig is very quick to put in and very simple to use. It gives you huge scope of movement.

How big/how small – The V Rig works well indoors and outdoors. It adjusts down from providing huge outdoor shots to complex raise lower shots in a studio, arena or theatre.

How does it move – you can fly live with the joysticks, copy live paths or enter in a planned move. Everything is repeatable with the V Rig

V Rig Facts

  • Maximum space – 200m x 50m
  • Speed – 12m/s
  • Pulley Loading – 150kg static
  • Power (3 phase with variable RCD) – 2 x 32amps (for increased acceleration allow 2 x 63amps)
  • Winch footprint – 2.2m x 1m
  • Control position – 2m x 1.2m for Mini Libra and WireCam controls

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