FAQ’s (mainly info on camera here, for Stunts and SFX please call us).

What’s the best rig for my shot?

Checkout the animations on the website and then give us a call to discuss your shot.

How much do they cost?

We’re pretty sure that we have rigs that suit every budget for every type of production. Please call us to discuss.

I don’t have much information on the shot at the moment, can I still get a price?

No problem.  We can normally extrapolate enough information to give you an initial ball park. Keep in touch as your project develops and we can adjust the figures as the production evolves.

How long does it take to install?

If all the gear we need is already on site and we have clear and uninterrupted time and space, pretty much all of the rigs can be ready to test between 4 and 8 hours, some even less and the big ones a bit longer. The reality is that the time it takes normally depends on the environment we are installing in.

Is it quick to program?


Can I adjust the move on the fly?

Yes, we can adjust the speed as the rig is in motion to follow an actor of vehicle etc

Can you live fly the rig?


Can you follow a VFX path?


Can you give VFX the data of your move?


Can you control the Libra Head for Moco moves?


Can we get a rig installed for a demo?

Yes – please give us a call.

What is testing the rig?

Giving time to the camera dept and head techs to get their gear on the rig. Running some paths to make sure every dept who might be involved in the rig is happy.

What is ‘Commissioning the rig’?

It’s a stage of the installation process. Checking the safety systems, programming utility cues, establishing that the rig works to the specification that we have been given. This stage of work is done with a test weight rather than the camera.

What is a utility cue?

Camera load, reference positions, etc

What is the Flying Envelope?

The area within the space we’re in, that the camera can fly.

What is Programming?

Plotting moves of the rig. This can be done off line, prior to the shoot or on the fly during the shoot. Its always a good idea to do it prior – gives you more time to play with your rig.

Zero/Reference the rig

Confirm the position of the object (Camera) in the computer matches the real world.

Contact us for a quote

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