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  • Comprehensive 3-D software allows for multiple point movement of winches in 3D space (x,y,z axis) with the ability to integrate multiple extra winches into the rig to enable independent movement either in rotation or up-and-down for performers suspended on the main 3D rig.
  • Multiple performers moving in synchronisation.
  • Accurate and repeatable rigs..
  • 2D rigs, V rigs and automated slack lines.
  • High speed descender and ascender rigs.
  • High speed pullbacks.
  • Multiple integration of any amount of rigs to work repeatably.
  • Drag rigs.
  • Manual manipulation of automated winch set ups.
  • Adjustable speed on the fly.
  • Repeatable and sustained Aerial Flight.
  • Multiple I/O Triggers to allow timed firing of peripheral stunt and SFX equipment.
  • Comprehensive and configurable e-stop and limit system able to integrate with existing systems.
  • Health and Safety process to integrate with your existing stunt department protocols.
  • Force Vectors calculated for rigs.
  • Technician training available.
  • All equipment CE marked in accordance with the Machinery Directive.

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